Hello world!

In our first post, we thought we’d give you a little introduction to who we are and why we decided to start a blog. Originally from a small town in upstate New York, we were lucky enough to have to parents who grew up in New York City. From an early age they (mostly our mom) showed us that a world of fashion existed outside of the small selection of stores our city had to offer. We would cherish those weekend trips to the big city and spend hours browsing the racks for designer clothes at our local Marshall’s and TJMaxx. Due to the infrequency and difficultly of finding those coveted, stylish pieces, we formed a strong appreciation for when we did discover those expensive and high quality items. This shaped us into finically and socially conscious young women, who have a strong love for fashion and trends.

All in all we are normal girls from a small town – just like most of America. Because of our experiences, not just with fashion, we feel as though there are many other women out there just like us who can relate to what we have to say. We sincerely hope you enjoy our blog and welcome any input you have. Happy reading!


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