Cabin Fever Remedies

(Image from Pinterest)

The weather is probably starting to feel a lot like summer for most of you – I know it definitely is for me! It does not make sitting at a cubicle for 8 hours any easier knowing I don’t need to wear a winter coat on my lunch breaks anymore. To make the office life more enjoyable, I’ve selected a few of those little essentials that help me make it through the days.

Water – staying hydrated keeps me awake and helps my skin look fresh!
Foot Petal shoe inserts – these assortments keep pumps from sliding off my feet so I can wear all those cute new spring shoes! (Can be found  here)
Bright colored office supplies – helps me stay more organized (and makes filing kind of fun!) My favorites are from the Container Store.
Healthy snacks – I like to keep trail mix or granola bars at my desk for when I feel my motivation dragging due to hunger
Plans for after work – I found that if I have something to look forward to after work (i.e. happy hours, dinner dates, shopping trips), it raises my overall mood during the work day
My mom – try to find someone you can call on a break when you’re having a rough day and just need some cheering up – talking to my mom for even 10 minutes always helps me!

What things help you make it through your days stuck inside?

~ Hannah


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