Though we are six years apart and have a 5 ½ inch difference in height (Hannah, the younger one, is actually the tall one!), together we have shared a love for style and fashion from a young age. And most importantly, we wear the same shoe size! We owe our stylish upbringing to our mother who is gifted with an amazing eye and impeccable taste. Sadly our closets now exist about 200 miles from each other, so thank goodness for picture messaging.

Ruth has loved fashion since she was a stylish 5 year old who wore sparkly purple dress shoes every chance she got. She currently lives in our nation’s capital and works in international affairs. She’s been fortunate enough to see many beautiful cultures and has lived, worked and traveled around the USA, Europe, the Caribbean and Southern Africa.  She always had a classic style with a bit of edginess/bohemian flair and she continues to embrace a creative, but business casual look on a day-to-day basis. Since leaving Upstate New York, where she and Hannah grew up with their New York City born-and-raised parents, she has lived in Philadelphia, London, New York, and DC. Her eclectic style is a constant balancing act between work, play and every day life with her fiancé and 4 year old Westie, Louie.

Hannah is a recent college grad, living in New York City, working in the finance industry. Transitioning from the college world to the working world has been an adjustment – to say the least. In college, her go-to style consisted mostly of jeans and a tee (and the occasional sweats for that early morning class), which has now quickly become pencil skirts and button downs. However, keeping up with fashion and trends has always been important to Hannah so she has learned how to dress where she can still be taken seriously, without sacrificing her own style. Not only has her wardrobe changed, but so has her lifestyle. She now has to balance the gym, friends, cooking, and exploring New York, all while making sure her bank account does not go into the red.

About Ruth
Favorite Color: purple
Most played: Adele, Jason Mraz, Florence & the Machine, K’naan
Hero: Nelson Mandela
I rarely leave the house without: mascara, extra hair things, something to read
Constantly wearing: Anthropologie, handknit sweaters & accessories, scarves, TOMS
Can’t wait to visit: Zanzibar, Hawaii, Ireland
I wish I had more time to: read and exercise!
Channeling Jamie Oliver: I’ve gotten really good at making basic but flavorful soups and stews
Weaknesses: chocolate, nail polish, TV where people are good at something (cooking, sewing, etc.), shoes
3 Random things: I had bubble gum pink kitchen cabinets in my first apartment; I’m left-handed; when I was in middle school, I wore colored contacts for a year (green)

About Hannah
Favorite Color: blue
Most played: Adele, Bruno Mars, John Mayer, Kings of Leon
Current obsession: anything vintage
Would to love to pick the brains of: Warren Buffett and Tory Burch
Guilty pleasure: reality TV (favorites include Real Housewives, The Bachelor, The Voice… just to name a few)
Can’t wait to visit: South Africa, Thailand, Hawaii
3 random things: I can never sneeze just once, I’m extremely ticklish, I minored in Art History


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