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Memorial Weekend sales list!

Three cheers for long weekends, the start of summer, and new additions to your closet. Here’s a list of just a sample of the sales that are happening over the next few days.

And *please* take time to remember what this holiday is truly about.


Summer Style: The Beach Tunic

With Memorial Day just around the corner, I find myself constantly browsing pages and pages of cute new bathing suits and cover ups. I have gone on many beach vacations throughout my life and recently went through some of my old swimwear (some of which was probably was still from high school and well past its expiration date). Therefore, I’m in need of some new suits and cover ups. I love the look of a light tunic that you can pair with a bottom or wear solo. I have been lusting after the Tory Burch tunic for quite some time but unfortunately don’t feel like my current budget can allocate to a $300 cover up (but hopefully someday!). In the mean time, I’ve found some more wallet-friendly alternatives. Wear these on their own to the beach or pool and then throw on some cut-off shorts and strappy sandals when grabbing a bite to eat.

  1. J.Crew Whisper Gauze Beachcomber Tunic
  2. Billabong Fringe Beach Cover-Up
  3. Madewell Lowtide Tunic
  4. J.Crew Feather Paisley Tunic
  5. The Webster for Target Cotton Jacquard Tunic

What’s your favorite type of beach cover up?

Rain Shoes

Image from Pinterest

I have never been one to like the rain. My dislike for it increased when I realized that I am forced to walk through it on my way to work – or if I ever want to do anything outside my tiny apartment. When I first moved to New York, I underestimated the need for rain boots. After a few ruined flats and many days shivering in my cubicle thanks to cold, wet feet, I finally purchased a pair of the popular Hunter rain boots. Don’t get me wrong, I love how they resemble a chic yet effective way to stay dry. However, as the days get warmer – my desire to pull on a tall clunky boot diminishes. Thus, I have researched other cute ways to block the rain that go better with spring and summer styles. The great thing about these shoes is that many of them come in all sorts of colors! (I still have my Hunters on hand for those raining cats and dogs kind of days.)

  1. Bogs Charlot Rain Chukka
  2. Sperry Top-Sider Ran Drop Boot
  3. Chooka Duck Skimmer Flat
  4. Sperry Top-Sider Cormorant
  5. LLBean Coastal Rain Skimmer
  6. JCrew Rainy Day Bow Ballet Flat

Now and Later – Spend and Save

One of the challenges with fashion trends is where to spend your hard earned cash. Certain trends come and go with seasons while others hang around for years. So when should you spend a lot on a trendy item? One of the ways that I make this decision is in thinking about how well and item will a) go with the rest of my wardrobe b) how many seasons can I wear it (living in DC means we get the full range of seasons and temperatures) and c) can this still be stylish once the so-called “trend” has passed?

One recent example of this is brightly colored pants. This season bright colored, skinny (sometimes cropped and cuffed) pants are everywhere. But will you really want to rock those coral capris again in summer 2013? My advice is to refer to the 3 points I listed above. It might be worth your while to purchase one slightly nicer pair that will last you years to come but if you feel drawn to collecting all colors of the rainbow, I would refrain or get a few cheaper pairs. Case in point: I splurged an bought myself a pair of saturated purple Minnie’s from J. Crew. I love everything purple and know that I’ll continue to wear these. Also, J. Crew’s clothes are well made and since they carry petites (yay!), I can find an almost custom fit. So, this is where I decided to lay down a little more cash. I also thought it would be fun to have another bright pair but didn’t want to spend as much, so I looked to Boden, armed with a discount code, and ordered a coral-ish hued pair.

What are you spending and splurging on this season?

~ Ruth