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On the Road

Many of my colleagues travel a lot (I’m relatively new to my job and will hopefully be jet setting soon!), all over the world throughout the year. This requires a lot of careful planning. With many tight travel regulations (ahem, 3 oz. liquids), it pushes us all to be organized, thoughtful globetrotters.

While I haven’t traveled much for my job, I have traveled since before I can even remember. I’ve been fortunate enough to have taken all sorts of trips, everything from the short drive to Toronto from my home town, to 24 hours+ trips to Africa. There are a number of items and tips that I have:

1. First of all, make yourself comfortable. I usually have an eye mask, blanket and neck pillow (the ones airplanes give out aren’t nearly as soft and comfy as I’d like), and cozy socks since planes are usually chilly.

Cute sleep mask $22

Socks $5

Blanket (this has foot pockets!) $19.99 (on sale!)

2. Make sure that if you’re not checking a bag, all your liquids are the proper size. Many of the go-to places for toiletries have special sections on websites and in stores with mini sizes of your favorite products. Sephora has a whole section including products you wouldn’t think would need to be small (ie. mascara).

Bliss Starter Series: Fabulous $36

3. Even if you’re traveling for work, you’ll want to make sure that you document your trip. Take some time – even if it’s just an hour or 2 – to document what you see. We sometimes forget to take in what’s around us, especially when we’re on business trips and not in the true travel mindset. While I’m not advocating blowing off your work duties, I bet most of us could squeeze in some sightseeing.

Muji sketchbook $3.95

Tivoli Audio – Songbook global radio $199.99

Canon PowerShot $169

4. Traveling doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style either. So many great pieces are comfy, cute and perfect for long hours in a car or on a plane. I love leggings, slip on shoes (so easy for going through airport security!), and a wrap (to again combat that problem of chilly planes).

American Apparel Leggings (they come in SO many colors!) $28

Love Quotes scarf (also so many color choices) $88

TOMS ballet flats $74

Do you have any great travel tips?